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3 years to 6 years

Children are growing up fast and exploring the world around them. They enjoy playing together, doing projects, learning new skills, being helpers, learning to listen, exerting lots of energy through large muscle activities and having fun.

Our preschool program encourages children to be independent, responsible and to make the right choices. They are continually exploring their world.


The most important years in a child’s development

Teachers are always near to encourage, praise, give hugs and provide assistance for creative learning. Teachers plan activities that can be done in small groups, one on one or larger groups. On a daily basis our fun to learn program will cover: language, fine and gross motor skills, math, discovery (science and social studies), music, and art. Our program is center based so that every child has the opportunity to learn and excel on a daily basis. Lessons are planned around a weekly theme, such as Back to School, Mother’s are Like That, Glorious Grandparents, Color My World, Shapes Around Me, Eat Right Feel Right, and Friend Maker to mention only a few.


Our Preschool Program includes activities that are centered around:

  • Dramatic Play – A place to pretend, which develops social and emotional skills.

  • Circle Time – A place to gather, share information, encouraging language and communication skills.

  • Manipulative – Several areas developing fine motor skills with activities like coloring, cutting, building, discovering, and painting etc…

  • Arts – A time for creativity and innovation. A time for choices and learning.

  • Gross Motor – Large muscle activity with games, exercise and music helping teach balance and coordination.


Other features of our pre-school program include but are not limited to:

  • Field Trips

  • Special Guests

  • Musical Activities

  • Theme Days

  • Holiday Programs

  • Computer Programs

  • Physical Fitness / Tumbling Programs


Parent Communication

  • Our preschool teachers follow the Creative Curriculum program.

  • Each room has a daily lesson plan posted for you to enjoy the knowledge that your child is learning as well as laughing.

  • Please check our daily menu posted each week so that you may rest assured that we are providing excellent nutritious food for your child.

  • Your teacher will provide you with a verbal account of any incidents during the day and a written report will be given to you with copies taken for the center director and our corporate office.

  • All staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and Universal Precautions, however if professional medical assistance is required you will be contacted by telephone so please be sure to update your contact information as quickly as possible.

  • Please feel free to ask your child’s teacher about their day and watch out for our special parent and family involvement activities.

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