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Before & After School Program

Ages 6 to 12 years

All our centers offer a before and after school program. We provide transportation to/from local schools and many of the local elementary buses drop off and pick up at the centers.


Before school we provide a healthy, tasty breakfast and/or snack. We also supervise various activities to ease the children gently into the day.


After school starts with a snack then those who need to complete homework at day care are supervised with the greatest care and attention in a quiet area whilst others are taken into one of our wonderful (not too much like school) activities.


A helping hand

Whilst we welcome before and after school children to an environment with plenty of opportunity to unwind we also have a structured daily plan. Our activities are center based around the sciences, arts, language, reading and writing, appropriately designed to captivate and satisfy the needs of the school-aged child.


A carefully developed curriculum enabling children to:

  • Improve social skills through cooperation and helping.

  • Develop self-control through positive behavior guidance.

  • Learn about negotiation and problem solving.

  • Develop large muscle skills during daily outdoor activities.

  • Develop fine motor skills and complex thinking skills at their own pace from the use of art mediums, puzzles, scientific equipment, board games and blocks.

  • Our continued ‘Whole Child Approach’ encourages positive feelings towards learning and develops self esteem and self confidence.


The Benefits

  • We open early

  • Homework help

  • Time to relax

  • Build friendships and social skill


Parent Communication

  • Each room has a daily lesson plan posted for you to enjoy the knowledge that your child is learning as well as laughing.

  • Please check our daily menu posted each week so that you may rest assured that we are providing excellent nutritious food for your child.

  • Your teacher will provide you with a verbal account of any incidents during the day and a written report will be given to you with copies taken for the center director and our corporate office.

  • All staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and Universal Precautions, however if professional medical assistance is required you will be contacted by telephone so please be sure to update your contact information as quickly as possible.

  • Please feel free to ask your child’s teacher about their day and watch out for our special parent and family involvement activities.

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